Roster signs

Roster signs are a cost effective medium to promote your business or event.
Made from corflute we can produce standard sizing or create custom sizes and designs to help you stand out from the crowd.

Roster signs are the perfect road side marketing solution. They can be easily moved,are light and can be placed on any surface.
Their triangle design allows them to be flexible and portable, with their material making them water and weather proof.
With prominent characteristics like low cost, flexibility, waterproof, and lightweight, many businesses come to roster signs as economical solutions for advertisement.

Additional information

Roster signs are printed on both sides and available in three sizes:

  • Small – 600mm w x 330mm h

  • Medium – 600mm w x 450mm h

  • Large – 600mm w x 720m h

The following is some important features in combination with these signs:

  • 2 sides printing

  • Lightweight

  • Easily folded into triangle shape

  • Cost saving

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