Poster Printing

Poster printing can provide you with a full digital colour poster and are available in either 200gsm paper.
Poster printing can be an extremely affordable method of quality advertisement that will get your business
recognized by large numbers of potential customers and clients.
Our paper posters are a great low cost option for tough, high quality posters for indoor and outdoor use.

If your posters will be displayed outside, we can print on UV-resistant stock that won't fade in the sun.
We can also laminate your posters to protect them from the elements so they will stand the test of time.

Additional information


Custom size

  • 420mm W x 594mm H

  • 594mm W x 841mm H

  • 841mm W x 1689mm H


High resolution
Full colour digital print on 200gsm poster paper.


Glossy, Matte, Neon or Outdoor paper available.
Choose outdoor poster paper to withstand any weather.
Does not crinkle when water or glue is applied.